Le Grand Concours

Ici est le lien officiel pour le Grand Concours: http://www.frenchteachers.org/concours/

Le Grand Concours is the National French Contest that is sponsored by the AATF.

It takes place annually and all students of French in grades 1-12 are eligible to take place in the competition.

The contest for grades 1-6 is called the FLES Contest.
The contest for grades 7-12 is the Secondary Contest.

Students must pass a written exam and are eligible for lots of prizes!

To enroll your students, contact our local representative:

Amy Coombs
J.K. Mullen High School
3601 S. Lowell Blvd.
Denver, CO 80236
E-mail: coombs@mullenhigh.com

Information for registration will be sent in November, but please contact Amy as soon as possible to let her know you're interested.

To order copies of past exams for practice, please visit: http://www.frenchteachers.org/concours/gc_orders.html

Check the Grand Concours link above for more information.

Nous sommes tous des gagnants!