French Level One project

This is a great opportunity to contribute to the writing of a new open source textbook for level 1 high school French students!

The “French Level One Project” is looking for contributors!

Gutenberg-Technology is a start-up publisher that produces open-source K12 textbooks, based on an innovative concept with four specificities: highly interactive digital versions, top- quality but affordable printed copies, open-source license (Creative Commons by SA), and collaborative writing.
After a successful start in France, we are currently launching the collaborative writing of a textbook called ‘French Level One’, and we are looking for instructors/teachers of french to join our community of co-authors.

This book is aimed at high-school level students, beginners in french.

All instructors are welcome to join, they offer flexible work schedule and load. For any questions, and inquiry, feel free to contact us.

Contact: Ms Eurydice Lafferayrie (415) 602-7485 you may also visit the website for information and examples of books. www.gutenberg- or (in French)

More info:
A few words about the company: was created almost two years ago by an Economics teacher who took a PhD at the MIT. It focuses on open-source textbooks, which means textbooks that are available in both paper and electronic formats. The founder advocated the idea that a great textbook should be accessible to anyone for free, and that the more teachers involve in its content, the better quality it will be. That is why he and his wife launched a brand new type of publishing house, where the content is entirely free on the Internet, only the paper version is charged Two textbooks - destined to French students in History/Georgraphy and in Literature - are currently online on the website The website will show all the functions available, such as: creating your own class and lessons, add questions to exercises, correct student work, etc.

After an impressive success in France, and its headquarter Gutenberg-Technology decided to tackle the US Market, starting with California, where open-source textbooks have been widely expanding since 2009 Open Textbook Initiative. Thus, French Level One is a French textbook designed for around 15-aged students: we have indeed noticed that many teachers weren't satisfied with American French textbooks as they are often created for college students, heavy and above all expensive. That is why French Level One will be a light book which goes to the essential (180 pages), sold $40 (Workbook for $30), and is built around the story of a young American boy who comes to France and gets by with this new language and culture. The goal is that high school learners feel more concerned about common situations, and be taught a useful, practical French, with civilization information such as French hobbies, school timetables, "street language"...

Six French instructors are now working on the writing of the content under the supervising of two others, but they are now gathering a large community of co-authors to help them design a high-quality product. The job is to read-over, comment and suggest other alternatives to the authors' work. All the procedure is made through our database, Gutenborg, so it is highly interactive, very easy to use, and not time-consuming at all: there are two reviewing phases, about two-week long each, when you will be able to use your time juste as you want.